Seminar Highlights and Follow-on: Quality is Key

Thank you to everyone who attended today’s seminar. We went over the proposal execution schedule and highlighted areas where quality can be built in to the effort to prevent last ditch cleanup efforts. Highlights included:

– Know how you and your team define quality

– At the beginning:
Build a schedule with a cushion at the end for repairs
Create the bones of the proposal before even starting work (e.g., template(s), standards)
Build your compliance matrix and review with the team
Train your team on the standards, matrix, and template
Hold an overarching solution review
Storyboard before writing
Know your win themes

– Once your team is rolling:
Check in often with daily checkpoints and color team reviews
Redirect as needed
Hold a one voice effort as soon as possible
Final compliance matrix review

A follow on question was submitted regarding how to manage quality when you are a single writer with minimal oversight until the end. Great question! You can tackle this a couple of ways:
1. Engage often with your Proposal Manager. See if you can get some samples of other people’s writing to see what their standards are.
2. Create your own standards, templates, and compliance matrix to use. Even if you can’t one voice with the rest of the team, you can at least provide a consistent, quality product.

What other quality activities would you add?