About Us

The Rhythm & Harmony Chapter of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) proudly serves proposal professionals in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee by offering educational and networking events throughout the region every quarter.

Formerly the Mid-South Chapter, we rebranded in 2018 when the Chapter’s headquarters moved to Nashville, TN, the largest city in the Chapter.  We were looking for a name that better reflects what makes our region of the U.S. unique and special. We wanted a name that represents the heart and soul of who we are in this area of the country. We are deeply rooted in a rich, musically-creative area of the country—home to blues, jazz, soul, and country music—and we wanted our new name to reflect that. We also wanted something that was unique and fun. With New Orleans and Nashville in our region, fun is what we do! As it relates to proposals, we know that to be successful, we need to set a rhythm for every project that allows each team member to do their best work while still meeting deadlines. We strive for harmony in our content and rhythm and harmony on our proposal teams. Tactically, we landed on a shortened line from the Doby Gray song, Drift Away, to come up with Rhythm & Harmony.